The Impact Master's Commission Podcast is BACK!  We are going back to the book of Romans again this year.  Join us!

  1. Written by Paul in the middle of his third missionary journey - he was in Corinth on his way to Jerusalem - Acts 20
  2. Written to "those called by God to be saints". So all followers of Jesus in Rome.  There were multiple people there in Rom that Paul knew and had ministered to before but this letter was as much to those he had never met as it was to those he had met
  3. Written to Rome at this time because he had an associate going there - Phoebe
    1. To announce his plans to visit
    2.  Make a full theological treatise on the Gospel that Paul preached so that they would be able to discuss it when he arrived
    3. Possibly to unify the Jew and Gentile factions of the church in Rome

The Gospel Exalted

1Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus,

  • He begins with his credentials -
    • remember they have never met him before.  they will have heard of him for sure, but they had not met him.  This is his first impression with them.  Both Jew and Greek and he wants them to know EXACTLY who he is and how he feels about Himself.
    • bond-servant - Slave - a specific kind of slave known to both Jew and Greek alike
      • this particular kind of slavery was voluntary.  They had chosen to BONDED to the household - out of love.
    • of Christ Jesus
      • Who’s slave you are makes all the difference in the world
      • Christ - “anointed one” “Messiah” Christ is NOT Jesus last name it is His title.  His function.  He is the anointed one.
        • Given authority - Saul, David, the other kings were ALL “anointed ones” meaning they were the true king by the authority of God
          • this is why they called him “the king of the Jews"
        • In this day it had taken on another meaning - the messiah - the last days figure that would rescue Israel and raise them up to take over the world
          • many of Jesus followers believed he was exactly this kind of ruler - AND HE WILL BE

called [as] an apostle,

  • His master Jesus has given him a task
    • Jesus called the original 12 during his earthly ministry - Paul was called but not until after Jesus resurrection
  • an apostle - SENT ONE
    • Called to go - I was called to be sent
    • Carried authority and responsibility - authority in the kingdom cannot be parted from responsibility and servitude

set apart for the gospel of God,