Jesus the Lord of the Church

Chapters 1-3

Jesus communicating with the churches - in their midst - leading them - instructing them - rebuking them - He is the Lord of the Church and that is our only hope!

Jesus the Lamb of God

Chapters 4 - 5

Kinsman redeemer of all mankind and all of creation - paid the price for the redemption of all things


Jesus the unfolder of divine destiny

Chapter 6 - 11

The King of the end times - the opener of the scroll - He is in charge of all that happens from here on out.  

Jesus NOT Satan is unfolding the end time scenario and all that happens inside of it.


     Jesus has goals - #1 on the list is to demonstrate that human authority, when out from under the rulership of God, brings only brokenness  

     Seals 1-5 are demonstrations of this. Human rulership without the divine leash.

  • Seal 1 - The antichrist - the idea revolution
  • Seal 2 - World War three - the aftermath of the idea revolution and the progression into violence
  • Seal 3 - The back lash of war - financial ruin / famine
  • Seal 4 - More back lash - plague and wild animals 
    • 1/4 of the earth’s population is now dead.  in todays terms that is almost 2 billion people - 
    • the population of the United States 6 times over.  ALL dead by this point.
  • Seal 5 - Martyrs - after this the prayers of the martyrs stir God to move the agenda forward

               It is my belief that between seal 4 and 5 the abomination which causes desolation has begun (Matt 24:15) (Dan 9:27) 

           I believe this because it is in this event that the whole world will worship the beast or be killed (Rev 13)


     Jesus goal - #2 is to bring justice to his people who have been tortured and murdered for thousands of years

     "vengeance is mine” he says well he’s gonna get it beginning with seal 6

  • seal 6 - the great earthquake and signs in the sky - this is a total change from the other seals - these are the actions of God now.  Not just the bad results of man’s foolishness.

               Why the interlude in chapter 7?? - ok all this bad stuff is taking place vs 6:17 the question is asked “the wrath of the lamb has come and who is able to stand”  chapter 7 is God’s answer - what happens to God’s people??? We are sealed and we are headed all of the great multitude are headed to an amazing future as the ones saved out of great tribulation!!!  No fear no matter what!  No back to the scene.

  • seal 7 - The release of the prayer movement of the end times in greater power than ever before stirs God’s heart to release the trumpet judgements
    • see that God ordered the angels to stand ready but they did not begin to blow until prayer went out from the church

     Jesus goal - #3 to show his total rulership of the earth and even the angelic / demonic realms

     this is demonstrated powerfully by the trumpet judgements


The Trumpet Judgements:

  • trumpet 1 - 1/3 of all the earth’s plant life is burned up
  • trumpet 2 - 1/3 of all the earth’s ocean life is burned up by a volcano or meteor thrown into the sea
  • trumpet 3 - 1/3 of the drinkable water is poisoned
  • trumpet 4 - 1/3 of the light is taken (who knows how this works)
  • trumpet 5 - demon locusts released to torment the antichrist’s followers.
  • trumpet 6 - the demonic army is released to kill 1/3 of the people on the planet.  the population is reduced by another 1.5 billion people by this trumpet judgement alone. who knows where we are by this time!?!

God’s prophetic empowering of the church and the two witnesses are in chapter 10 - God is giving the church on the earth special tools to do what they are called to do during this unbelievable time.

At the end of the period of the abomination which causes desolation the two witnesses will be killed but they will be resurrected with the rest of us at second coming of Jesus. We will, as a church, then call Jesus home at the fulness of time.

  • trumpet 7 - Jesus second coming / rapture of the church / release of the bowls of wrath.  
    • NOW we have it - the LAST TRUMPET 1 Cor 15:51



Jesus the destroyer of the works of the Devil and the King of all the nations of the earth

     Chapter 12 - the history of the struggle that is coming to an end and why it is working the way it is

     Chapter 13 - the two major human players on the side of darkness

     Chapter 14 - Back to the rapture drama unfolding!

    • Jesus in Jerusalem with the Jews who called Him in - Matt 23:39 (blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord) this is why the antichrist wanted the jews dead!
    • the news goes out to all the world of Jesus victory and the falseness of the enemy - via 2 angels
    • the news goes out about the destruction of all those who have followed antichrist
    • the reaping of both righteous and unrighteous is taking place

Jesus the jealous bridegroom coming for a bride and NOTHING WILL STOP HIM!


Jesus second coming as a procession lasting 30 days NOT an instantaneous moment - 

Dan, 7, 9 and 12 and Rev 11, 12, and 13 mention 1260 days (or 42 months, or 3.5 years) as the length of the reign of antichrist, but the end of the abomination is at 1290 days and the full revelation of Jesus reign are 1335.  

     Process through the sky - 

     Process through the land from the south up to Jerusalem

  • Isa 63: Who is this coming up from Bozrah?…why is your apparel red?…. I have stained all my garments….I have poured out their blood on the earth
  • Hab 3: The Lord came from Teman from Mount Peran - I saw Midian tremble  the Cushites in war…. 

     Process into Jerusalem through the armies of antichrist

  • Zech 14:2-9


     Chapter 15 - the post rapture heavenly scene vs 1-5 the marriage supper if the lamb - the preparation for the bowls of wrath to be poured out. 


     Chapter 16 - 

The Bowl Judgements: Released in the earth during this last 30 day period upon the kingdom and followers of Antichrist

  • Bowl 1 - Painful Sores on the worshippers of antichrist
  • Bowl 2 - Ocean turns to blood - Either ALL ocean life dies - OR all humans in that are on or in the ocean die because of the battle - (like the blood of a dead man here meaning that so many dead men’s blood was spilled into the ocean that the whole ocean took on this color.  Either way - wow
  • Bowl 3 - All Fresh water turned to blood as well - this will not affect the church because we are being raptured at this time, notice the worship of the angel for the judgement and then a corresponding voice from the altar - it is not from the saints under the altar because they are no longer there but we harken back to the promise they have been given that their murders will be judged
  • Bowl 4 - The Sun is turned much hotter - it now scorches people with fire but they refuse to repent.  
  • Bowl 5 - Darkness and pain in Babylon the capitol city of the Antichrist’s reign - most likely Rome
  • Bowl 6 - Preparation for the final battles (Armageddon) - The Euphrates dries up and the armies of the east begin moving in.  The great delusion gets stepped up a notch to bring ALL armies of the earth together in the valley that goes from Bozrah to Meggido for the battle against the Lord and His army
  • Bowl 7 - Greatest Earthquake in history - 100 pound hail stones… all mountains flattened….Jerusalem split into 3 parts…. every island sinks… 

     Chapter 17 - The Great Harlot - the idea revolution - the world religion

  • A church or religious movement
  • Rome is most likely the home base for this religion - so it will be combined with the Catholic church probably
  • comes to power with antichrist but then the antichrist coalition will turn on it and take its wealth and destroy it, probably at the abomination that causes desolation.
  • every nation will do business with her
  • The power of this group is built on sex, politics, money, and religion - this sounds so much like the United states to me it is scary.

     Chapter 18 - The judgement of the great harlot and the government of antichrist

  • God calls his people out of her to avoid her fate… 
  • She boasts
  • God judges her in a single day

     Chapter 19 - Back to the party in Heaven (started in chapter 15)

  • Heaven rejoices that the government of antichrist has been destroyed - the armies are not yet destroyed, but just wait!
  • The Marriage Supper of the Lamb happens now - because the whole of the church has been raptured at this point - we are clothed in white and made ready for the final battle
  • Jesus on a white horse!!!
  • All of us on horses and dressed in our wedding clothes!!!!
  • Jesus destroys the armies that have gathered
    • see the Armageddon and second coming hand out from Bickle for a billion scriptures on this.
  • Jesus sends the antichrist and the false prophet to the lake of fire

     Chapter 20 - The 1000 years

  • Satan put in the bottomless pit for 1000 years
  • The saints reign with Jesus for 1000 years 
  • vs 5 the souls of those who had been beheaded - this does not exclude the rest of the saints - but the martyrs are given a special job in the millennium so they are mentioned separately.
  • vs 6 if you are a part of the first resurrection you will not be subject to the second death - we are safe

     Let’s take a breath - Revelation moves past this 1000 years in a blink but I want to think about this 1000 years together.

  • Jesus is king of the earth
  • the saints ruling with him
  • 13 One like the Son of Man (Jesus)...came to the Ancient of Days (Father)...14 To Him (Jesus) was given...a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him...27 His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve Him. (Dan. 7:13-14, 27) 
  • More scripture on how amazing it will be!!! 
  • Isa. 2:1-4 Jerusalem will be on the tallest mountain on earth and all nations will go to it for instruction and help
  • 11:1-16; wow so much!  No more death, even the animals won’t fight each other, all nations will peace and rulership will be given to Israel
  • 60-62; There is SO much amazing news in these three chapters!
  • 65:17-25 if someone dies at 100 years old they will be considered young!
  • The new Jerusalem will be here hovering over the earth!!!!  The resurrected saints will live there!!  but we will get to that later...

Jesus the judge of the living and the dead


Ok Breath over now post millennium 

  • After this Satan is released for a season
  • he deceives and brings down people from Gog and MaGog to attack Jerusalem and they are burned with fire from Heaven (Gog and MaGog may just mean nations outside the middle east we really aren’t sure)
  • Satan is sent to the lake of fire.
  • The Great White Throne - all the dead are judged except those who have been resurrected before now.
    • The dead who are not written in the book of life - to the lake of fire
    • The believing dead that died AFTER the second resurrection - to everlasting joy!

Jesus the adoring Son who does all things for the love of His Father

     Chapter 21

  • After this the New Heaven and the New Earth are created - the resurrection of all things is accomplished!
  • God and man live together with NO separation at all and Jesus returns authority to the Father forever. (1 Cor 15)
  • The New Jerusalem - made of precious stones - hovering over the earth - the dwelling place of God and his people
  • no more night, no more pain, no more fear