Had the pleasure of teaching in the Mid Week Renewal class again this week.  Here is the audio from that class.  The notes are below as well:

In the notes below the actual words of scripture are bolded.  Everything else is an addition of mine

  •  For this very reason - Because of verse 3 - BECAUSE HE has given us everything - because of his generosity - in response to his generosity
  • Vs 5 - make every effort - This is VERY emphatic in the GREEK - Furnishing all earnestness and activity
    • to supplement your faith - 
      • This phrase is difficult - it may not seem to be at first but if you think through implications 
        • supplement or ADD to - We cannot add to what Christ has done.  We cannot earn grace.  If we attempt to earn it we lose it.  Imagine trying to pay someone for a gift.  you cannot do it.
        • Peter is saying - move to God’s rhythm and let faith form these things in you.  If these things aren’t being formed then you aren’t cooperating with faith
        • The Greek word comes from a picture of people dancing and joining hands together to make a chain of people all dancing together
        • but there is a place where we lean in - a place where we cooperate with what God is doing.  We don’t add to it but we dance with it - that’s what he is looking for
      • The order here is not the important thing - it sounds in the english like a chain of consequence “once this is in place then next expect this” that’s not the point - the point is to have all of these together - this is the dance of grace - the garden of grace will have all these vegetables growing out of it
    • with virtue - moral goodness - righteousness defined as “Doing Things Right”
    • and virtue with knowledge - again experiential knowledge of the character and nature of God
  • Vs 6 and knowledge with self-control - self control!  Being a master of your own words and actions - Paul said “their belly is their god” wow no all of my being serves One master - Jesus Christ
    • and self-control with steadfastness - a remaining behind - a patient enduring - I’m not quitting no matter how much it hurts or how long it takes
    • and steadfastness with godliness - a deep reverence for God “adoring, loving, and magnifying him in the heart” Clarke
  • Vs 7 and godliness with brotherly affection - Philadelphia - love for brothers and friends - the Christian family
    • and brotherly affection with love - agape - unconditional love for all men
  • Vs 8 For if these qualities are yours and are increasing - don’t just stop with the beginning - keep growing - keep going
    • they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ - these are the things that mark the fruitful Christian - these are the attributes that EVIDENCE the work of the Holy Spirit in you.  If you do not see these things then you need to question if He is at work in you or not?
  • Vs 9 For whoever lacks these qualities is so nearsighted that he is blind - almost literally "Can’t see past the end of his own nose” 
    • having forgotten that he was cleansed from his former sins - he does not remember what Jesus did for him.  This person has taken the grace of God for granted.