Ch 7:

vs 1-7 - the end of Paul’s thoughts about being dead to sin and alive to God.  

vs 7 - The power of the law - 

The law always REVEALS sin.  Law is  the means of disclosing the sinful propensity of man.  The measuring stick that keeps telling us, “you don’t measure up!”


Just like light reveals the dust in a room - it didn’t make that dust.  that dust is there whether you can see it or not, but when the beam of light shines through REVEALS the truth of the state of the air.


The sin nature of a broken human being hears the law and immediately has a new line to cross.  A new way to rebel.  I new way to proclaim Himself God.


When the law becomes how we relate to God we have lost.  We will go one way or the other.  We will either rebel - and declare ourselves God by rejecting the law or we will use the our best attempt at obeying the law as a way to say to God - YOU OWE ME - I paid my taxes - you OWE ME.  When, in truth, even if we were to fulfill the whole of the law, which we never will, we would only have brought ourselves to a zero level - will have ceased earning destruction, but never had earned favor.


vs 10-11 - the very commandment which was given to teach me wisdom, to show me God’s beauty, brought death in my life because (vs11) used the commandment to deceive me.  Just like God’s admonition in the garden to not eat the fruit.  Satan used the rule itself to trick us.  


OK lets read this next part of scripture correctly!

from vs 7 and following Paul takes on the persona of a Jew who has not received salvation.

this is why I believe this…

READ Chapter 8!!

does this sound like the same guy?  NO It sounds like two different people!