Ch 6:

vs 1 - what shall we say then?  are we to continue in sin that grace might abound??? - 

vs 2 - NO NO NO! A very emphatic NO in the Greek.  AS if it were offensive to even say such a thing!  Indeed it IS!

 WE ARE DEAD TO SIN!!!!!!!  most of the church does not understand or value this reality but it is so vital! - in the same way a deaf person is dead to sound, or a blind person is dead to vision, we are dead to sin.  It has no influence over us.  That might sound like a “wouldn’t that be nice” kind of statement, but Paul makes it clear that this is a present reality in the life of a Christian!  We have nothing to do with it.  Would you keep a dead person in your house and have dinner or go about the activity of your life with them?  NO you wouldn’t that’s really gross, but we do that if we allow sin to continue to influence us.  


---Please note something here - does it say you “are being crucified”?


vs 3 we died to sin with Jesus - dead and buried in his death and burial via faith and baptism:  the old man died.  Our inability to say no to sin died.  That is good news!

Our baptism was a sign of consecration - being set apart.  Dedicated to God completely


vs 4 - but even better news!  WE ARE NOT JUST DEAD - WE ARE resurrected with Him as well!!! The power of sin is broken and that is great, but even better,  the LIFE OF GOD has been released in us to be LIKE HIM - “we walk in newness of life”  newness has been given to us as an eternal gift!  He makes all things new!  We love the new everyone does! Now because of Jesus - We ARE the new - forever!!!! NEW.  1 Pet 1:3-4: a living hope, an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled and unfading!



vs 6 - 10 the body of sin - YOUR body of sin - has been brought to nothing!  Crucified.  Slaves are only slaves for life.  you died but now you LIVE AGAIN.

This is what theologians call our “Mystical Union” with Christ.  By faith we have been JOINED to him in covenant.  In that covenant His death becomes ours and His life becomes ours as well.  He brings all He is and all He has to this covenant.  Our capacities are not important anymore.  His capacities have become ours.  His righteousness, His mind, His faith even.  Is ours to access

vs 11 - you must consider yourself dead to sin and ALIVE TO GOD - awake, sensitized, open, aware of God.  You never were before but you are now!

vs 12 - do not allow yourself to live like you were.  You are not like that anymore.  Curb the patterns and the appetites that once ruled you.  That is not who you are anymore - there is an active participation by faith in this reality.  A leaning into grace.  A daily putting on of the new man.  

vs 13 - you are an instrument of righteousness - a new creation thing.  The first fruit from the Dead!!!!


vs 14 - you are not under law - its not about the measuring stick anymore.  You’ve passed by the “you must be this tall to ride” thing.

you are under grace - you are in the place where you are empowered to be like Christ - so receive it - walk in it.


Vs 16 slaves to righteousness


Vs 17 obedient from the heart