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CH 5:

vs 1 since we have been justified by faith - we have made peace with God - the justice of God is satisfied - the wrath of God is nullified - our debt is paid - we have no record anymore!!!! (this can ONLY happen by faith in what Jesus did on the cross)


vs 2 - 5 we have also BY FAITH gained access into the grace by which we now stand!  

    Grace means "a free gift" Paul is saying - "but wait there's more"

    Not only do we have peace with God but now we gain the following free gifts - 

  1. Standing in Grace - the place of full acceptance and FAVOR in the eyes of God - we are HIS CHILDREN - 
  2. the hope of the Glory of God - this is more massive than you can possibly imagine - we have been given to experience, celebrate and REFLECT the glory of God forever and ever!!!! - 1 Pet 2:9, Eph 3:10
  3. The reality that even our suffering is a MEANS of God giving us free gifts - James 1:2-4 - endurance, character (the very character of God), hope - which does not EVER disappoint BECAUSE
  4. God shows forth His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit

vs 6 God worked all this for us WHILE WE STILL HATED HIM - Paul is reminding us once again that we did not, and could not, earn ANY of what we have by grace through faith in Jesus finished work on the Cross.  

 - That is why we KNOW that our hope will never disappoint us because if He did that for us while we were SO messed up how much more will He do for us NOW that we are clean, and free, and standing in His favor!!!

vs10 His death has justified us - HIS LIFE will make us alive MORE and MORE 2 Cor 4:10-11 resurrection power surging out of us from the inside!!!, Also we have a LIVING High Priest who LIVES forever to make intercession for us! Heb 7:25 - MORE THAN THAT - we rejoice in God.  God is the treasure.  God is the reason this is good news!  we Get GOD!!! 


This is what happened - God’s eternal plan for mankind - THIS IS NOT PLAN B!!!

vs 12 - 13  the sin of one man brought sin and death into the world - death was set loose in all of Adams descendants - all of mankind was drown in death


vs 15 - But the free gift is not like the trespass - The power of Grace has gone FAR beyond the power of Sin!!!  we aren’t just getting back what we’ve lost - we are gaining SO MUCH MORE!!  WE get Eden back but we get Heaven as well - it is God’s ultimate design that HIS dwelling be with man HERE on the Earth.  NOT like it was in the beginning but something more!  Rev 21:3 - the most joyful thing in scripture


Where sin abounded GRACE MUCH MORE ABOUNDED!!!!