Some words on predestination - 

  1. NO ONE WHO WANTS TO BE SAVED WILL BE LEFT OUT - they would not desire salvation if the Holy Spirit was not at work in them.
  2. It is God’s will that ALL should be saved 2 Peter 3:9 - that does not change with this doctrine - he wants everybody but not everybody will come and he already knows who they are.  He could force their choice but he will not.
  3. We cannot know who will be saved or when they will be saved - if they are unsaved now does not mean they will never be.  God’s choice should only make you MORE hopeful not less because essentially its not up to them - think of those you love - do they WANT salvation?  If they don’t are they likely to change their mind?  God however CAN change their mind.  We should ASK for God to change their mind.
  4. Understand that Salvation is a miracle that can only be accomplished by God it is not something we do for ourselves - It is a divine ACT that we only cooperate with.

through Jesus Christ to Himself,

  • Jesus is how we were adopted
  • Jesus is how we were chosen
  • Jesus is how we were blessed
  • every one of these verses says over and over - in Christ or through Jesus - get the picture
  • The gift of the Son to the Father

according to the kind intention of His will,

  • His good pleasure
  • This means he is intentional about it - it is his pleasure
  • In the Greek there is the connotation of this being an intention to be kind.
    • it is his pleasure
    • it is good - he desires good for us
  • God is kind - Luke 6:35, Rom 11:22, Rom 2:4 "his kindness leads to repentance"
    • He loves being good to us - he takes pleasure in being good to us
    • He is intentional about being good to us

6to the praise of the glory of His grace,

  • Everything God does He does to glorify Himself
    • This is what makes it all worth it
  • Understand the great worth of God - All of this has been about revealing who He is and it is worth it!
    • We will forever be shining trophies of the GLORY of His Grace!
    • The angels will look at you and be in awe at God!
  • Isaiah 62 - "you are the royal diadem, you are the crown of beauty in my hand!"
  • God chose to glorify Himself by forgiving sinners, adopting lost kids, being kind to us - he wants to show the universe this is what he is like.
  • HE CREATED US so HE COULD BE KIND TO US - righteousness is receiving and reveling in the kindness of God