4just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world,

  • He chose us! - lots of people flinch at this verse - but we are going to skip the long conversation (for now) about predestination and just sit in the glory of this passage
  • does God know everything about the future? - yes
    • he chose you! - he picked you! - not because you were more awesome or better than anyone.  Not because he likes you better than anybody.  Just because He chose you.  don’t question it just enjoy it!
    • did he know you would belong to Him? - yes
  • in Him - those that are in Christ - we have been hidden with Christ in God!
    • "I in them and you in me" - Jesus said it that way in John 17
    • We have been surrounded by, and filled with Christ. - he’s all over me and he’s keeping me alive!
    • We are never outside of Christ - we are seated in Him - that should both scare you and make you rejoice!
  • before the foundation of the world
    • The thoughts of God have been on you since before he created anything else
    • The God-head before creation was already in love with you - feel that - believe it because it is true

that we would be holy and blameless beforeHim.

  • wow - you were designed and destined to be holy and blameless
  • shame has no place in you.
  • fear has no place in you
  • It has always been God’s plan for you that you would be holy and blameless
    • holy - set apart - different from the world - just like Him - there’s the world then there’s “other” and that is where you belong
    • blameless - without blemish - flawless - how can he say that about me?  It is who you ARE it is who you WILL BE!


In love 5He predestined us to adoption as sons

  • predestined - OH NO!  how are we going to find a way around it this time?
    • it’s here - no honest student of the Bible can say that the New Testament from the Gospels to the Epistles makes it clear that God chooses His people.
    • does that mean our choice has nothing to do with it…. no it does not mean that.
    • does that mean he chooses who goes to Hell?… we’ll have that discussion another time.
    • For now Just let this mess with your head.  God chooses who will be His.
  • to adoption as sons
    • we are His children
    • People say - “we are all children of God” - that’s not really true - 
    • you are children of God - he has set his Father love on you.
    • He has chosen to treat you as one of his kids - think on that. 
      • If you walked into the white house and asked president Obama for $5 the secret service would destroy you instantly - do you think his daughters have that problem?
      • we have access
      • privelege
      • inheritance
      • everything he owns belongs to us
      • we inherit his family name