Key Question - What gives me happiness and contentment in life?

Key Idea - Despite my circumstances I feel inner contentment and understand my purpose in life

Key Verse - John 15:11 I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete


God is joyful


You were created to be deeply and joyfully satisfied - the only thing which will deeply and joyfully satisfy you both now and FOREVER is God in all of his glory and reality.


Joy is a matter of perspective - taking on Gods perspective is the key to true joy.


Finding satisfaction for our deepest needs in God

10 desires you were built with

These are things that God designed into our hearts that are NOT sins but can lead us into either sin or into the meaningful and real relationship with HIM that we were created to have.

The longing for identity -

  • We all want to know who we are
  • We all want to know why we exist
  • Abba Father creates us for relationship with Himself


The longing for safety -

  • We want to feel safe protected from harm
  • We want to feel like there is something between us and the big bad guy
  • God protects us Jesus saved us - from the real eternal harm we have eternal safety “do not fear the ones who can harm the body”
  • He is safe
  • He is Good


The longing for provision -

  • He is our provider

 The longing to be fascinated –

  • We were created to experience Awe and Wonder
  • We cannot function at full emotional or mental capacity without fascination.
  • We chase secular entertainment, and thrills to fill this need they will never satisfy.
  • ONLY the Beauty of God can satisfy this basic longing forever.  We have this longing BECAUSE God is endlessly beautiful and we are created to be endlessly fascinated by His endless splendor and Glory Psalm 27:4, 

The Longing to be attractive or possess beauty

  • We want to be cool or looked upon with delight by others, to feel beautiful
  • We try and dress up our outsides and adopt titles and positions to feed our pride but it will never be satisfied
  • Eating and sexual disorders are all human broken attempts to chase down this prize of beauty
  • ONLY in hearing the voice of our Bridegroom King singing over us that HE sees us as beautiful forever can satisfy this deep longing in us.
  • Song of Solomon SoS 2:10, SoS 4:9

3.  The Longing to be great or successful

  • We want to accomplish great things with our lives, to be more than just a “nobody.”
  • We try to gain earthly significance, build earthly kingdoms, gain wealth or fame, but it will never satisfy our hearts
  • ONLY the understanding of the place that we WILL fill in Heaven forever at the right hand of Jesus as royalty in the Age to come and the bridal      partner of Jesus can we be eternally great and successful Rev 2 or 3 We will experience nobility and honor. 

 4.  The Longing for intimacy without shame

  • We all long to be known truly and deeply beyond all barriers and secrets and in that to be accepted.  To be without shame in that place of true and utter nakedness
  • We search for this in earthly friendships and in love relationships but our hearts will never be satisfied
  • Only in the intimacy of the Heavenly bridegroom, with us every moment, knowing every thought, feeling every emotion and perfectly understanding all we are, every action, every motive and STILL calling us beautiful, still protecting us from accusation, still rescuing us from the consequences of our sin, do we find true intimacy that will last forever.  NOT ONLY THAT but we are invited to know as we are known!  To know HIM without boundary, without privacy, completely and wholly without shame or fear for perfect love cast out fear!!!!!
  • “No fear to be left to live the mystery of life alone”
  1. The Longing to be Whole Hearted
  • We all long to be recklessly whole hearted in our love.  To burn with passion for someone or something without regard to cost or consequence.  We desire this because we were made for love!  We desire lovesickness.  We long to be abandoned.  To live a life where our hearts are touched by love in such a way that it never ends, it is never defiled and never compromised!  A passion that never wanes forever and ever and ever.  To live like the lovesick hero storming the castle for his lady fair!
  • We try and find something on the earth that we can feel this way about. There is nothing.  No person deserves it and no cause is worth it.
  • ONLY in the eternal worth of Jesus do we find a man worth dying for!  More importantly worth living for!  For us to live is Christ to die is gain!

 6.  Longing to make a significant and lasting impact

  • We long to change the lives of the people we love.  We long to fix problems and create things that are useful
  • We try and build a name or a monument that will last forever on earth but nothing will. “All is meaningless” Even the Pyramids are crumbling and their builders have been forgotten.
  • ONLY in Jesus and by His power can we make eternal and real impact.

7.  Longing for the assurance of being enjoyed!

  • We all long to be enjoyed by others, to be delighted in.  To be worth something to someone.
  • We search for this in earthly friendships and love relationships.  We do things we don’t want to do to make people like us.  We tell lies about ourselves to make us acceptable and enjoyable.  We wear masks and false personalities to make ourselves enjoyable
  • He likes you, He enjoys and pursues you.  Even when you have sinned He still enjoys you!  Hedoes not look on you as a nuisance or a problem you are His best beloved and He loves having you around!  We are His friends!  The ones He chooses to hang out with!