Judges 4 - Girl Power

Deborah judge of Israel says God has decided that this king will be defeated by a woman

In her song she says Deborah a rose to be a mother to Israel

It was her femininity that God chose to use to defeat The enemy

  • Authority flows from intimacy with God
    • When the story begins she is already in a place of leadership - this leadership was a result of her status as a prophetess
    • A woman who prays is a woman who carries authority
  • She calls Barak - to come and delivers the message of God to him
    • Authority flows from the commandments of the Lord
    • Deborah calls him Yahweh the God of Israel  - she knew the Word of God
    • She knew the voice of God when he speaks
  • He will not go without her - she says she will go
    • She was brave - she was willing to go with him
      • courage is a required trait to be a woman of authority
    • She lead by example -
      • are you asking people to do what you refuse to do?
    • Barak was a wimp - maybe
      • the truth is ladies you have two choices when it comes the men in your life
        • you can lend them your courage and your strength and in so doing make them victorious leaders
        • you can steal strength from them
          • accusation
          • gossip
          • belittling
  • Deborah says: God has chosen a woman to win this fight
    • God loves a mighty woman
    • Esther
    • Ruth
    • Rahab
  • She sings a song about God’s victory
    • she is a woman of worship
    • she is a woman who knows how to CELEBRATE a win
    • She says God rose up a mother
      • she fought like a girl
      • she did not abandon her femininity or her identity as a woman and a mother when she won the battle
  • At the end of this battle Deborah was in her tent waiting and the Lord brought victory to her
    • Not her stress
    • Not her striving
    • Not her manipulation
    • Her rest in the promises of God