5"Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.

Power held in reserve - A belief that Vengeance belongs to the Lord and He will repay - Taking no action to “Stand up for your rights” - not easily provoked -  this is the essence of turning the other cheek


This is the exact opposite of what the world believes to be true.

This statement stands opposed to the way our natural mind works but it is a flow from the first two.


  1. Admit you have nothing and cannot do this on your own
  2. Ask for Help - be expressive of your brokenness
  3. Do NOT attempt to help yourself  - All our human attempts to force things into our own control will only cause us more trouble.


Meekness / Gentleness


They shall inherit the Earth - Pinky and the Brain “try to take over the world!"

  • Fighters, graspers, the ambitious, make no friends - they end up alone - Ebeneazor Scrooge
  • Jesus said gain the whole world and lose your soul
  • The emotional turmoil of being a person offended by everything has NO payoff
  • These are true but the deepest most satisfying part of this is simply that It is those who are content to let Jesus, the one who owns everything, be their protector, savior, and benefactor - they will share in his inheritance. 
    • They leave the land of “you owe me” and go to the land of grace.