Revive Update

Church of Fort Waye

Second Sunday of every month - prayer and worship 6PM


Quarterly Meeting 

Oct 17th 

Broadway - 7AM


Here at First Assembly:

At least monthly

Personally $5 Bible and Band


Life in our emotions - 

  1. Emotions are scary especially for men
    • God gave them to us for a reason
    • God himself is an emotional being
  2. The Bible is full of instruction about emotion - both encouraging deeper levels of emotion and discouraging a life ruled by emotion
    • "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!" Philipp 4:4
    • Martha Martha you are worried and troubled about so many things but only one thing is needful Luke 10:41
    • Prob 4:23 
    • Above all else Guard your heart - put a watch over it!  Keep it safe!
    • For from it flows all the issues of life - because it's function is absolutely vital
    • Numbness
      • emotions are 
        • too dangerous
        • Too painful
        • Out of control
      • So shut them down stuff them down ignore them medicate them away
        • Heart of stone
    • Hypersensitivity
      • Living life directly out of emotion with no pause no thought
      • No watch or Guard over your heart at all
    • Both of these are roads to total destruction 
      1. Let your emotions be informed by a correct perspective
        • Emotions do not reveal facts 
          • Not about you (directly)
          • Not the world around you
          • Not God
          • Not other people
        • Emotions respond to perceived fact
          • What you believe is true shapes how you feel about a thing
          • You may not even be aware of your perspective on a thing
        • Emotions CAN reveal truth about your perspective on the world 
          • They reveal what you believe to be true
          • They reveal how important you think that truth is
            • Luke 12:34 where your treasure is
        • So here is the guard here is the perspective the grid that should inform ALL of our emotions 
      2. Matt 22:37
        1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength 
          1. When God is your highest Joy your most important value you will take on his perspective of the World
            • Teach me to love what you love
            • Luke 12:34 where your treasure is
          2. You will believe what he says about everything
        2. Love your neighbor as yourself
          1. This will change the way you look at the world 
          2. Revive 
    2. Response
      1. Wisdom 
        • Put a guard on your heart - pay attention to your emotions, ask the questions 
          • Psalm 42:11 why are you downcast my soul?
        • Filter everything with God and Others as priorities 1 and 2
      2. Community
        • Spend time with people who think and feel different than you do 
        • Have people in your life that you are completely transparent with emotionally 
      3. Ask God to help you with your emotions
        • Bring heavenly perspective - reveal and replace wrong perspectives
        • Bring calm to the storm
        • Give you his heart
        • 1 Peter 5:7 casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
        • 1 Peter 1:8 Joy unspeakable and full of glory