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Here are the notes from today's study:

Vs 15 He disarmed the rulers and authorities
    • Satan is the accuser of the brethren - we see him in this role at the beginning of Job - where he accuses Job
      • He had reason to accuse us.
      • He had a case against us that was correct and appropriate and now it has been answered!
    • 15b and put them to open shame by triumphing over them in HIM
      • All of the ones who stood against us have been defeated and shamed by the cross!
    • Do BATTLE with this reality in your soul when the accuser speaks - they have no right to accuse you - they have no right to control you - they are disarmed!!!
    • Remember Romans 8!!  There is now NO CONDEMNATION!!!
Vs 16 Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in question of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath
    • These are specific to the Jewish ceremonial law and were probably specific examples of the ways Judaizers were speaking to people in the new gentile churches
    • notice that other things are not listed here like murder or sexual misconduct etc which are contrary to love - we are held to a higher reality - the law of the spirit of life
Vs 17 things which are a shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ
    • In the Old covenant we got two things - 
      • The Law -
        • the perfect unbendable standard before which all things must be measured
        • before which all of us are found lacking
        • the law cannot save - that is not its job
        • the law can instruct but only by showing us our error and our need - it often would make things worse rather than better.
        • the law cannot make you better - it cannot help you - only condemn you
      • The Sacrificial System
        • the answer to the unbendable law
        • you cannot measure up so here is the stop gap
        • all the ceremony and sacrifice which would never truly be enough
        • paying a price every year over and over and only through a mediator
    • In the New Covenant we received the substance to which all before was a shadow
      • The fulfilled Law -
        • not written on tablets of stone but on human hearts
        • the Holy Spirit forming us into the image of Christ
        • Holy Empowerment to be perfectly loving to God and man
        • the renewing of our mind by the washing of the water of the word
        • we learn and we grow and the end of this process is assured 
        • resurrection set loose in the human heart
        • HE is our sabbath - the rest from our work!!!
        • He is our new moon - our fresh start
        • He is all our feasts - 
          • passover - the lambs blood makes the angel of death pass over us
          • unleavened bread - his sinless life (leaven is a picture of sin) and he is the bread that comes down from heaven
          • First Fruits - he is the first fruit of the resurrection - and the promise of a future harvest of the resurrected to offer to God
          • Pentecost - the coming of the Holy Spirit and the bringing in of the gentiles
          • trumpets - this happens after the end of the harvest and points to the wrapping up of history before the second coming of Christ
          • Day of Atonement - the second coming and the salvation of the Jewish remnant
          • tabernacles - behold the dwelling of God shall be with man 
      • The Finished work of the Cross
        • The law once and for all satisfied by the perfect life and undeserved death of Christ
        • the ritual and the every year price forever paid
        • Jesus met and exceeded the standard - he GIFTS US that righteous standard through faith
Vs 18 There are gonna be lots of cooky people out there with visions and ideas etc - don’t let them steal from you - if it isn’t about Jesus its worthless!

Vs 19 He is the head and all life flows through Him!

Vs 20 all the way through 23
    • we have died in Christ
    • vs 23 - the appearance of wisdom - "in self-made religion and self abasement” they look like they should help but they are, “of no value against fleshly indulgence"
    • you CANNOT EARN RIGHTEOUSNESS in this way!  
    • stick to the book
    • stick to the Spirit
    • don’t try and make yourself better than other by self imposed behavior modification
    • unless it flows from the influence of the Spirit upon the human heart it is not helpful