I want to get a grip on what is really important. I have heard so many arguments I have HAD so many arguments, about this or that, about some obscure point of theology, about some sin or non-sin.

Lately I’ve been shaken. Out of my stupor. I feel like been asleep. I feel like I just woke up. I just don’t want to do this anymore! I want to give my life to what is TRULY IMPORTANT! I just want to yell at all of the arguers and say “GROW UP! WAKE UP!” We waste so much time on what is not important.

I spent the week sitting with 35 or 40 pastors praying for each-other and for this city. I’ve been processing everything since then.

For me the second night was the most powerful. We put the communion elements in the middle of the room and everyone sat around them. We lit two candles on the table with the elements and turned the other lights off. One by one each of these men of God walked to the table and thanked the one who broke his body and shed his blood to save them. They shared their stories in brief. They were stories of grace, stories of salvation stories of love. As more and more of my brothers shared I became more and more aware of the presence of the Holy One in our midst. He was there in such a special way.

This is what’s important. This is what I want to be about. I want to be a man who in one way or another is a part of making stories like this happen. I want to be a door to grace. I want to be a window of mercy. I want to be a herald of love.

Jesus shine through me.


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