From Him, Through Him, and To Him.
That title says it all.
I have been agonizing over the direction of my life lately. I have been deeply unsure of my ability to step up and do the things that I feel like God is currently calling me to do. I have been begging the Lord for direction and for wisdom, but most of all I have been begging for this feeling of inability and insecurity to go away. I want to be set on a path but even more than that I want to know that I am not going to catastrophically fail!!!
This afternoon I was there, in that place again, waiting before the Father who always seems to maintain an inconvenient radio silence in times like these, when I heard this. "I am capable - YOU will never be". Wow that both hurt and felt great. First I heard that I will never be capable. A deeply troubling word from my Father, but with it comes the realization that I do NOT HAVE TO BE! God is not expecting ME to be capable. He is expecting me to bow down and believe that through Christ who strengthens me I can do anything!
If I am relying on my strength, my wisdom, my talent, then I will fail every time. However if I am relying on HIS strength, His wisdom, His power, I cannot fail. He is love and love never fails.

The only important thing is that we are doing the same thing at the same time! Jesus said that he said nothing he didn't hear the Father saying and He did nothing He did not see the Father doing. He later said the same of the Holy Spirit. We must follow their Godly example. Aligning myself with the Lord and walking gently.
Help me Jesus to live from you through you and unto you.