Liminality is the state of being between. It comes from a Latin word which means "threshold". I only know this word because one of my professors loves to use it, but it has become a powerful word in my psyche. I am once again in a place of liminality. I have such an awareness of this fact that my very fingers tingle with it. Something inside of me is changing.
The Holy Spirit is the most wonderful leader. He knows so well how to grow each of us into Christ. He so often works completely without fanfare, but He is always at work.
I have learned in these times not to press for a quick end to my suffering. I am being invited into something I have not known. A portal is opening before me into a deeper level of Christ likeness. To cross the membrane into the next thing will cost me something of my flesh however. I cannot follow Jesus without taking up a cross, but the one who looks back after taking up the plow is not worthy of Him so I will not do so. I will only count the cost against the uncountable treasures that await me in the field and sell everything I have.
I'm in God. Where else could I go... YOU alone have the words of eternal life!