Human lives going on all around me. Human struggles, human pain, human joy, and human love; happening day by day to human beings in every house and every apartment on every street all over the world. The tradegy of the ordinary, and the magnificence of the mundane; and somewhere in the middle of it all is little me. Surrounded by the ocean current of all that is. Caught up in the swirl of time and happenstance; I am foolish enough to believe that I have an answer to all the cacophonous questions of life. That I have a real response to the ultimate of human wonderings, "why?". Why the suffering? Why the sweetness? Why the aches and why the pleasures? I have an answer and it is the correct one.
My answer is Jesus.
The problem is that though I have the correct answer, it doesn't make me right. Though I have the correct answer, it doesn't help the rest of us. Sometimes it doesn't even help me.
Father forgive me for my arrogance and stupidity. I thought that having the answer was enough. I let it make me proud. I let it seperate me from all of those who DON'T know the answer. I let it make me forget that the reason you are the answer is because you CAME DOWN! You didn't leave us here hurling wisdom at us from above and expecting us to get ourselves out of this mess. You came down to where we were. You died in saving us. That is why you are the answer. You are the answer to suffering because you suffered. The answer to pain because you feel it with us every day. You are the answer to joy because you are the one to whom all joy is pointing. YOU are the WHY.
Oh Jesus let me let you be the why through me and in me and for me.
Forgive me.