Ok first an apology about the extreme LENGTH of the last blog. I didn’t want to split that overview up into pieces; it just felt wrong to do so. Now that the macro-view is out of the way, we can drill down on some of these issues one by one and gain a deeper more detailed and nuanced understanding of them as individual doctrines.

Another apology, I used no scripture references for the things that I said yesterday. Everything I said is thoroughly Biblical and I have references for all of it, but I did not include them because I wanted it to read more like a story than a treatise. From here on out every entry will be the unpacking of a particular scripture so that you know I am not just using scripture to back up ideas but actually finding these ideas in the word.

If any of you actually read through that whole thing in one sitting give yourselves a gigantic pat on the back and feel proud. I probably wouldn’t have!