Oh! How I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is really really good news. I don’t think we in the church have even a fraction of an inkling of how good the news of the Jesus really is! I want to spend some time expounding on this eternally glorious reality and I would love to invite you all to join me via blog. Let’s start with the nature of the Gospel.
The Gospel is good news NOT good instructions! Every other religion in the world is a set of instructions for its followers. You get Instructions on how to live a better life; instructions on how not to make God angry; instructions on how to reach the highest happiness etc. The point is do A, B, and C and you will be ok, accepted and escape wrath. That is not the message of the Gospel. The Gospel is not about what you must do, but about what Jesus has already done! It is not about where you must go, but where He has gone for you! The Gospel is not a set of instructions; it is an objective human history. A story that has already taken place that has everything to do with your life.
It is like the reports coming back from a foreign war or the tales of our founding fathers. These things took place outside of us, and we had nothing to do with the chain of events, but they have a dramatic impact on our lives none the less. Jesus came, Jesus lived, Jesus died, and he rose from the Dead. Nothing I have done or could do would change those facts, but those facts changed everything about me. All I have to do is believe the news. That’s it! If I believe the news that the United States won its liberty from England over 200 years ago it will change my behavior dramatically from if I do not, and if I believe that Jesus died to take away my sins my whole life is changed all the more.
The Gospel is GOOD NEWS!!!!