I love the mysteries of God. They draw me in. I just let my mind swim in the ocean of His mystery. He is infinite, what is that? What is infinite? All I know is finite, but He is infinite. All I know has a beginning. All I know has an end. He has no beginning and no end. He is infinite. How can I begin to wrap my little brain around infinity? I love the word Holy. It is the word we use when we talk about these things in God that we cannot understand or comprehend. The word Holy is so wonderful. It means so much. It means perfect, pure, complete, and separate or other than. It's like saying, “you know all of the categories you have for everything in the universe, yeah God is not any of them.” I heard someone say that if you can grasp how far beyond the gnat we are as humans then take that distance and multiply it times infinity and you will be close to the difference between man and God. I love that kind of thing.
Holy – the inhabitants of Heaven never cease proclaiming the Holiness of God. His holiness is as infinite as He is. In the amazing, life changing book, Knowledge of the Holy, by AW Tozer he talks about the fact that whatever God is; all of that is infinite. God is not just good, He is infinitely good. God is not just glorious, He is infinitely glorious. God is not just full of joy, He is infinitely joyful. God is not just love He is infinite love. If God is Holy and He is, He is infinitely holy. There is no lack in Him.
The perfections of God never end. The purity of God is infinite. God is infinitely complete. The Bible says He is the one who fills all in all. When we sing to God and say He is holy Oh let our hearts be filled with the expansive reality of this truth. The sentence that has been ravishing my heart lately, and the whole reason I wrote this rambling exploration is:
“Every reality in you God is totally satisfying.”
I've been worshiping using that sentence for a few weeks. I think it is the response of the human heart to the holiness of God. It's like walking around a universe sized diamond and every facet I see sparkles with a new and even more beautiful glory that awakens my soul to deeper awe. Everything I learn about God awakens me to deeper joy and satisfaction, and the more I learn about the things that I've learned about God only pushes my desire hotter and my satisfaction deeper. I am caught in an eternally exponentially increasing cycle of joy and soul satisfaction. Heaven will be this forever. Oh! The depths of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God are unsearchable. They are inscrutible. For from Him Through Him and to Him be all things to God be the glory forever Amen! And Amen!!!!!