There is a revolution taking place.  It’s happening everywhere.  The people of the world are getting better!  Man is realizing his potential!  Through the wisdom of this late age, through education, tolerance, and comfort the world is learning to live together, to work together, to love one another.  The message of all the great religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism is finally sinking in.  The enlightened among us has, for so long, believed that if we all just wised up, put aside our differences, and had true empathy for each other we would see a new age emerge.  An age of peace, an age of understanding, it is the age of man; and it is finally beginning.  The economic disaster of the past few months will be the shaping force of this new age.  We will see an abandonment of old greedy intolerant and irresponsible ways of thinking.  We will see a new infrastructure rise as the old collapses.  Businesses that think of more than the bottom line will emerge; we will see governments that realize their responsibility to push us forward as young progressive thinkers are given the position and the permission to change the culture on a global scale.  They will rewrite the DNA of human government, culture, business, and religion in one generation.  The first priority of humanity will become humanity itself.  Poverty will be eradicated, sickness all but destroyed, and war abolished as this movement crashes forward.  The intolerant, willfully ignorant, and immoral will be converted or removed from places of power and influence.  Their voices will be silenced forever and the hatred, destruction, war, and intolerance they spread will be eliminated.  The human race will be free.  John Lennon’s dream of “Imagine” will be the theme song, and the sure and steady becoming reality of this massive paradigm shift.  Adam has at last grown up.


Does this really sound like good news to you friends?  Part of me says yes, and part of me is absolutely sick just writing it.  This is really how much of the world feels.  The reality is that there is such a movement happening and it will change the world.  Everywhere I look the wolves in sheep’s clothing are moving in.  The great deception, the strong delusion, is slowly but surly settling in like a warm freeze.  Even churches and pastors are being taken in and that is what scares me the most.  Jesus predicted this 2000 years ago and it should alarm us what is happening.  It should alarm us but not frighten us.  The Good Bad news is what I have listed above.  It sounds good but it is so bad.  Now let me tell you the bad good news.  The end which is the beginning is coming.  Jesus and His intolerant kingdom is coming.  Jesus will NOT be tolerant, not even a little.  He will NOT be understanding.  He will not live and let live.  He is coming to rule, and the world hates Him.  They will hate Him more as things move forward, and they will hate anyone who stands with Him.  The spirit of Anitchrist is already loose in a powerful way.  It will be defeated.  Humanity will lose and God will win!