I heard a radio program today via Podcast that deeply stirred me.  It was about Carlton Pearson; a pastor of a church in Oklahoma that decided one day that Hell did not exist.  I say he decided it didn’t exist because according to his own admission that is how it happened.  He was praying and just felt like Hell didn’t exist; like it couldn’t.  I would encourage everyone to go to www.thisamericanlife.com and listen to this program.

 I used to listen to this man preach.  He launched the careers of many huge evangelical / Pentecostal people.  People like TD Jakes.  He was on TBN.  He was dubbed “Bishop” by his peers in the evangelical community.  He used to sing on Carman’s records ( I know I just dated and begeeked myself in the reference to Carman but regardless).

This man no longer believes in Hell.  He believes that the blood of Jesus covers EVERYONE on earth regardless of what they have done or what they believe.

I have thought a lot about this even before I heard this program.  I wish I could believe it.  I wish the Bible wasn’t so completely clear on this issue.  I wish Jesus hadn’t talked so much about Hell.  I hate Hell, but I love God.  Because I love God, I agree with Hell.  Because I love God’s glory I understand why Hell is necessary.  That doesn’t mean I like Hell.  I don’t want to believe in Hell.  I really don’t.  If I found sufficient Biblical reason for not believing in Hell, or even for not believing that Hell lasted forever, that it was a temporary torment to punish the wicked for a time and then release them, I would jump at the chance.  I don’t care what the whole of the church has believed before me.  If the Bible doesn’t support it then I feel no responsibility to believe it.  The problem is that the Bible makes no bones about Hell.  It is there.  It is clear.  There is no way around it.  Hell exists and without an active relationship with God through a living faith in the work of Christ on the Cross to take away your sins you are going to go there.

I don’t want you to go there.  I don’t want anyone to go there.  I hate that so many will be going there, but that doesn’t mean I can throw away God’s word.

Bishop Pearson says that the Bible has been misread and mistranslated, twisted to sell us a bill of goods.  I’m sorry Bishop, you are wrong.  I do not think YOU are going to Hell sir.  You still believe in the power of the cross, but I am afraid of all those you will send to Hell because of your misinformation.  I worry about those who will comfort themselves with your words and never give themselves to God through Christ.

God help us all!  Teach us to be humble and to be righteous at the same time.  Teach us to know what is right and to know how wrong we are.

Forgive us all for heresy because every one of us is a heretic.  Every one of us is a hypocrite.  Every one of us is a sinner.

Thank you for the precious blood of your Son.  Thank you for forgiveness.  Thank you for always being like yourself.  I love you.