We had some bad things happen to our house over the Christmas holiday.  I won’t go into boring details but let’s just say that Christmas Eve SUCKED until about 5:30 PM when I tucked in to one of my mother-in-law’s home made rolls.  Mmmmmmm rolls!  Sorry I got side tracked.  With the ice storm and the water damage, and church being cancelled due to the power outage I am left once again wondering what the heck God is thinking sometimes.  Whether or not we understand what God is up to; we must NOT make the mistake of thinking that He is not in and behind every single thing that happens.  The Bible clearly states that every cast of the lot in the lap is from the Lord.  I do not believe in chance and I do not believe in accidents.  I do not believe that things, “just happen” no they do not.  God knew, God allowed and in some way God caused these things to unfold as they did, and He knows WHY He did.  He did it because of His great love for me.  Some day in the future I will look upon all the things He has done and thank Him for them.  I will thank Him for the Tsunami that killed almost half a million people.  I will thank Him for 9/11.  I will thank Him for Katrina.  I will thank Him for Hell.  I will thank Him because He did these things or “allowed” these things because He loves His glory, and His love for His glory is the most loving thing He can do for me.  I don’t have time or energy to really explore the whole of that reality, but it is the central truth of the Bible.  It is the first commandment in living color.

So WHY did these things happen?  What was God thinking?  He was thinking He loves me.  My task in this time is to search out any specific lessons He wanted me to learn from all of this.  God teaches in many ways.  He leads with every tool that He can.  He uses the best tool for the job.  So I have to trust in God’s love.  We all do.  On the scale of tragedies this one is pretty low.  A minor inconvenience.  I will learn to be grateful.  We may end up with new carpet and better walls and ceiling etc.  I will learn to be optimistic.  My family and I were warm and comfortable and fed throughout.  I will learn to trust Him to take care of us.  We got help from many friends and family.  I will learn to lean on those that love me. 

There is much to learn.  I love His leadership!