Being thoughtful is becoming more and more a priority in my world.  I refuse to say anything, do anything, and feel anything without serious thought introspection and prayer.  The quick pat answers of earlier days are no longer satisfying to me.  I want to know WHY.  I want to understand the deep reasons behind everything.  I do not believe that God hides these from us.  I know his depths are unsearchable but I hear that and take it as an invitation to exploreGod has deep eternal reasons for everything he does.  I want to know those reasons, or at least have a view toward what they are. 

I have been thinking a lot about the massivity of God.  He is infinate.  The Bible is fairly clear on that.  Solomon said in Chronicles that the “Heavens of the Heavens cannot contain you”.  Jesus describes Himself as the “first and the last.” Paul says that he “holds all things together by the power of His word.”  The universe is our only scale for measuring God and science tells us that not only is it impossibly massive but it is getting BIGGER all the time and its expansion is accelerating all the time.  I am in awe.  We just don’t understand how big God is.  We need to be thinking about Him; taking the box off of Him.  We must believe that He is so much more capable and so much wiser than we can comprehend. His purposes are so far beyond our puny human minds.  The things He told us in His word are as infinate as He is.  When John says something like, “God is love”.  He is saying something inexpressably infinate, overwhelmingly significant, and immeasurably powerful.  Do we get that?  Do we FEEL it?  I want to.

I challenge you to delve deep into these thoughts.  Let them challenge your ideas of God and His existance.  We cannot possibly understand the fullness of the mystery that is our beautiful God.  Enjoy it! 


Love y’all




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