Forgive the “shouting” but I feel like shouting it!  I have heard so many Christians lately work themselves up into lather over the fact that Barak Obama is ahead in the polls.  They predict horrible things if he is elected and are doing all they can to mobilize the “religious right” into action to stop his candidacy from being successful.  I sickens me.

First off let me say that I am not an Obama supporter.  I cannot be.  Even if I agreed with everything else that he says (and I don’t), his stance on the issue of abortion and the “right” of women to murder their own children automatically switches my vote to a no.

What sickens me is the climate of FEAR that is being created by CHRISTIAN LEADERS!!!  The REALITY of this situation is that God has this election in His hand and HE will govern its outcome.  We as Christians must do what we can to shape it, meaning vote and if so lead campaign for the people that we would support for president, but we cannot, and should not be filled with fear about what is going to happen!

Let me be methodical in my presentation so I can say everything I think needs to be said:

  1. Barak Obama is NOT the Devil incarnate and he is NOT the enemy of God loving God fearing people across the globe.  He is just a man.  He is a man with some bad ideas and nowhere near enough experience to serve as the president of this country, but just a man!  It is our job to pray for this man and love him.  We keep our eyes open.  We speak up when we see things wrong.  We don’t let him get away with things he shouldn’t but we cannot hate him!  We cannot demonize him. I say with a heavy heart that Barak Obama will most likely be the next president of our country.  He will most likely be the most powerful man in the world in just a matter of months.  We need him to have an open ear to us and calling him an “Arab” or a “Muslim” (I don’t know when either of those words became terms of slander by the way) or the “Antichrist” (I am pointing 4 fingers at myself here) is not the way to foster a good relationship between the possible future president and the Christian community. 
  2. The kind of hatred that is being stirred up against him in the church is unhealthy and, to be quite frank, sinful.    We cannot allow fear and anger to take hold in our hearts!  We are Christians!  When did we get the right to hate ANYONE?  We are to be motivated by love at all times.  Not fear.  Not hatred.  Love.  Let’s try and remember that!  Also whether you live in his state of Illinois or not this man is a United States senator and therefore we are charged by the Word of God to pray for him as for all our leaders.  That is only multiplied if he becomes president.
  3. I have a deep and abiding hatred for the stigma of the Religious Right.  We have been made a caricature and robbed of any real cultural relevancy exactly because of this kind of frothing at the mouth behavior that I have witnessed regarding Senator Obama!  When are we going to wake up and realize that we need to be having dialogue and conversation with the secular left so as to bring them to CHRIST!  They are NOT the enemy either!  It is our responsibility and our JOY to love them and bring them close.  We cannot afford to take the radical stances we’ve taken and alienate men and women that desperately need the Gospel.  WHEN will we learn to be all things to all people by all means that we might win SOME! 

My friends let’s trust the Lord, vote our consciences, stand against evil where we see it, but never ever forget that we are called to a higher purpose, and that is God’s purpose in the earth!  Nothing, not Barak Obama, not the terrorists, not Satan himself or even OPRAH can stand in the way God’s invincible purpose.  He is on the throne!


Love you all




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