Folks I’m hungry.  I miss the presence of God.  I miss deep worship.  I am crying out for a visitation!  Something more than we’ve known.  I am longing for the Holiness of God to come in and lay us low.  I am longing for the Majesty of God to come and subdue us.  He is our only hope!  We have so many words, so many ideas, so many ways of attempting to get the job done, but they all fall terribly short of the goal. 


You know, I love wisdom.  I love asking for strategy and working hard to accomplish something together with the people of God, but sometimes I think we shut down the Holy Spirit when we do that.  Or we ask for his minimal involvement.  Is there a place of balance to be found between planning the work and working the plan and just leaving it all to the Holy Spirit?  There must be.  Jesus had no question on the matter.  He walked every minute led by the Spirit doing what the Father was doing wherever he went.  How do we do this?


I don’t have answers I just have questions today.  Today is my last Wednesday leading worship for Ignite Youth ministry.  It is a bitter sweet day, but in a way I feel like I am leaving ministry to learn how to be a true minister.  Jesus didn’t have an organization, a service schedule, or a website.  He just walked around being the incarnation of God on the planet.  I really want to learn how to do that.  It is my deepest desire.