Last time we talked about the fact the yes God speaks and we all know that when he speaks our job is to say "yes".  So the question stands, "what do we do when God says.....................................................nothing?"  
The truth is that there are often times when God says nothing.  In fact the longer I follow the Lord it seems the less He chooses to inform me of what my next step ought to be.  It reminds me of the old Sunday School song, "Deep and Wide".  Remember that song?  The reason it reminds me of that song is the way we used to sing it.  At first we would sing all the words and do all the motions but after once or twice we would replace some of the words with hmmmm so it went to, "deep and hmmm.  deep and hmmm.  There's a fountain flowing deep and hmm."  etc etc until the whole song was "hmmms" (why the heck did we sing it like that anyway?).  I think God kind of does that with us.  At first it seems He guides very specifically, when you need direction he gives it, when you ask for wisdom it comes, but later in your walk He starts hmmming more and more!  At least that's how it feels.
But does God really stop talking?  I heard a guy talking about this the other day and the pastor he was talking too said, "God never stops talking.  You stop listening because what He has to say now is just harder to hear than it was before, it cost you more."  Maybe he's right.  You know the older you get the more your decisions cost you, because you have more to lose!  Maybe that's part of it.  I know my own heart well enough to know that I have shut down the voice of God before.  I guess before I accuse God of not talking I should make sure I am actually listening. 
I do not think however that it is always a case of us not listening.  I honestly think that God says less to us about life decisions as we get further on in life.  I think He says less to us because we should already know!  For example I don't have to tell my 6 year old to go to the bathroom, when he needs to he go he goes.  If he waited until I told him to go he would end up wetting himself.  How ridiculous would it be if he came to me one day and said, "Dad why haven't you told me to go to the bathroom?  I peed all over myself because I was waiting for you to tell me to go!"  God is growing us up!  He is leading us to greater responsibility and freedom.  Isn't that the job of parents?  We raise our kids teaching them our values and our way of life and as they learn they need our instruction and guidance less and less.  We hope, that because they know what we expect of them, they will choose what it right and best.  God does the same.
God fills us with knowledge of Himself and His ways.  He gives us dreams, passion and vision and sets loose in the world.  He expects us to choose our course based upon the desires of our hearts, the circumstances that surround us, and the resources He puts into our hands.  He expects us to understand His desire for "much fruit" and act toward that end BECAUSE it is OUR DESIRE TOO!!!  God wants us to do what we want because hopefully our desires are aligned with His.  That's all a parent can hope for isn't it, that your kids will make good decisions when they grow up because they share your values.  They care about the same things that you care about.
There is a scripture I am chewing on that reveals this sentiment in the heart of God.
2 Chronicles 16:9 "For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His."
Wow what a statement about our God.  He is looking for friends and He is looking for partners who's hearts belong to Him.  He is looking for them so that He can strongly support them.  Imagine the strong support of God behind everything we do.  Wow.  What a freeing beautiful concept. 
To wrap this part of the discussion up I will tell you how the Lord phrased this in my heart. "Josh stop asking me what I want you to do.  I am asking you.  What do you want to do together with me?  What are you dreaming about?  What do YOU want to do lets do the impossible together!"