In God's kingdom we must go down to go up.  This militates vehemently against the world system which says, pull yourself up as high as you can and knock down anyone who tries to take your spot.  Jesus says the meek will inherit the earth, the poor in spirit will gain the kingdom of God and the persecuted are the happy ones!  I am feeling a little upside down today.  I have lofty dreams that I believe are from God.  I want to be a man that changes history.  I want to be a man that brings real Glory to God.  I could honestly care less if my name is ever known, that is not the point, I don't want to live a life without meaning or accomplishment.  I want to know that I did all I could with all I had by the grace of God.  I want to see Heaven respond to my cry because my heart is aligned with His purposes and I am saying YES.  I want to be jealous with His jealousy and stand in the gap for a nation, a state, a city, and a generation.  I do not think these desires are my own, or my flesh seeking glory for itself.  I believe this is the prophetic calling of God, but not just for me.  I believe it is an invitation to a generation.  I believe it is a stirring from Heaven over His bride to stand in her place beside the groom.  The only question is, "How?"
It is the "How?" that gets us in trouble.  If we attempt to do this in ways that make sense to us we will fail miserably or worse we will have an ounce of success and get satisfied with that when it is NOTHING like what God has in His great heart for us to be.  So "How?".  I don't really know or rather I don't know it all!  I know it will look like the sermon on the mount.  I know it will look like humility, and compassion, prayer and worship.  It will look like the God of all coming down to take on the frame of man forever.  I know it will look like doing what the Father is doing, saying what He is saying.  That much I know, but I don't think there can be a handbook written on this.  I don't think it will fit in a seminar or a how to.  I don't think 4 points will cover it and I don't think a program can teach it.
I think it is about living incarnationally.  Not doing God's things but BEING the beauty of Christ Jesus on the face of the earth.  Impossible right?  That's exactly why it will work.  John 17 has been informing me on this, but I am only scratching the surface of this reality.  I have lots more to say about this I am very much in process.  Stay tuned.