Today I write a tribute my mother!

She deserves a novel of praise but a blog is the best I can do. 

I love my Dad too and he deserves as much note as Mom but it's not his birthday so too bad Dad!


My Mom has been my favorite person for as long as I can remember.  I am now and will forever be a Momma's boy and I am happy to be so.  She is beautiful, talented, capable, intelligent, passionate, strong, good, generous, honest, and brave and a million other things I cannot think up words for.  The older I get the more I want to be like her.  She gave me my love for music, movies, books, creativity, wit, and conversation.  (Gee thanks for that last Mom it got me in trouble so many times in school.)

I have watched her walk through storms and troubles a millions times and her compass never failed to point to the true north of Christ Jesus.  Her faith and strength have been a refuge for me countless times.  Her wisdom and intelligence have guided me in murky times when I wasn't sure what to do.  She and Dad together in their marriage and their ministry have shown me what sacrificial love and real commitment mean in a real world.  The constant, unfailing, overflowing, and boundless love and support that has flowed from my Momma have been a window on the love of God for me.  Thank you for that Momma.


One more thing.  My Momma inspires me.  Her whole life she has pursued the passions and dreams that God has planted in her heart with a holy violence.  I cannot put down how many times I have watched her face insurmountable obstacles, and almost unanimous resistance with determination and fearlessness, and then watched in awe and pride as she overcame it all and succeeded where others told her she could only fail. 

She is doing so again even now as she is pursuing yet another dream and I stand amazed once again at the strength of her heart.


Momma I stand in applause of you!  The Bible says that the children of mothers like yourself will rise and call you blessed and I do.  You are blessed and I love you. 


Happy Birthday