Well after what feels like decades of waiting the One Thing conference is here in Fort Wayne IN this weekend.  I am so looking forward to it.  I am in desperate need of a word from the Lord.  I have so many things in my heart right now.  So many battles being fought in my soul.  I feel the Holy Spirit tugging me in a direction I know will cost me a lot.  I feel life moving at the speed of light all around me and I am powerless to grab moments from the stream and make them significant.  The truth of Jesus is burning in my heart but in so many ways it is not flowing out of me.  I have blogged before about God calling me to live the gospel and not just believe the gospel.  I have not yet figured out what the heck that means but I have a feeling that, whatever that looks like, it doesn't look a thing like my current style of living.
Oh Holy Spirit give me the first steps to take.  Give me wisdom to do it all in ways that glorify you and bless others.  Give me humility to know that repentance and obedience are not exceptional activities but the base and ground of what it means to be a Christ follower.  I am so hungry to really understand what being a Christ follower means in a real world.  Outside the walls of the church.  Outside the walls of my silence and complacency.  Free me from this cage of convenience and apathy!  Free me from thinking that my religious duties are anything that you have called me to or even anything that please you!  Let me hear you say that my new moons and sacrifices have become an abomination, if indeed they have.  Let me hear you say that if it is true.  Break me out of my waking sleep and give me to real life!  Life more abundant.
I love you Jesus - I really truly do

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