oh my friends I have found myself surrounded and enveloped in the strange flow of life and God's Sovereign rule over me so much lately. I am finding it genuinely amusing to see the way God moves, the way He teaches and the wonderful way that He leads. He is so loving and patient and, to be honest, quirky! He takes us down some of the darkest deepest most painful and confusing paths to teach us things that are bright and beautiful and in the end absolutely WORTH IT or at least someday we will think so!

That odd herky jerky lopsided flow of life so full of twists and turns etc moves us all.
I have a new son, this you know. I also have a new job! Only part time right now, but new none the less! I am working for First Assembly of God in Fort Wayne! I am helping out with Ignite Youth Ministries specifically with small groups and Sunday school and worship. Woo Hoo!

That is the announcement part of this blog but I also want to encourage you if you are caught in one of the dark twisted and completely unfair bends in your life journey.
Trust Him... He is pulling you closer.... He really is! God has given you these dark times as a precious gift. The pain, the confusion, the fear, the frustration, and the despair are His holy tools to bring you closer. He knows you and He will not lose you. He knows how much you can bear and He will not take you past your limit. When all that you have called "God" falls down around you and every concept you have had of Him comes crashing down you are the closest you've ever been to knowing Him better.
Ask the questions...........it's ok.
Be honest with yourself and ask the questions. He has answers that you need for the next part of the journey. That's why He's brought you here.