It is a simple question. What will we do without God? The depth of the need in the human soul goes beyond the fathom of our own understanding. We were created to need. We were created to desire. We were created for HIM! Creation, separated from God by the sin of the human race, groans for Him, waiting for the revelation of the Sons of God and the redemption that will mean RE-creation and final, total liberty from decay.

Every dysfunction in the universe flows from this one thing: disconnection from God. The deepest and most foul of these dysfunctions living in the hearts of men. So here we stand desperately in need of God but what do we do? We RUN! We hide! We accuse Him for all the things that result from our lack of Him. A lack deepened and sustained by OUR disobedience and rebellion! Oh how blind we are!

Into the midst of our dilemma steps Jesus. The one we need beyond our own capacity to comprehend comes now to us, and robed in our own flesh. The form of man has been taken up by Him. He has become our kinsman redeemer. In Him was life and that life was the light of men! In a shocking display of compassion, love and mercy the creator God reaches out to rebellious man, but in the climax of our defiance we crucified the one who came to save us; proving beyond doubt that we were eternally lost.

It was then out of the ashes of our greatest self destruction that the brightest revelation of glory broke through. Jesus rose from the dead.

The death WE inflicted upon Him became the tool of His greatest victory as Sin and Death died with Him on the cross. He removed our final enemy as he triumphantly became the first born from the dead; that in all things He might have preeminence!

Jesus the creator has proven again that He is all we need and I ask you one more time.

What will we do without God?