Why didn’t the world come with directions!
The world is broken, everyone knows it. Everyone bemoans the fact and everyone thinks the problem is too big for them to answer. I know there is no simple answer. My question is not so much, “what is the answer” but “IS there an answer?” We all believe there is, at least until we have been thoroughly convinced by curative doses of pain, sorrow and frustration that there is NOT. Of course I would love to be ridiculous and say something stupid like, “the answer is Jesus” but that doesn’t really help does it?
I may be as right as anything but it is still a stupid thing to say if it isn’t followed up with more. It doesn’t matter how true that statement is (and relax people you know how deeply I believe that statement is fact), the problem is that just saying something like that doesn’t fix anything; and lets be even more honest here. The church is just as screwed up as the rest of the world. I AM NOT SAYING WE DON’T HAVE THE ANSWER! WE DO! THAT MAKES US WORSE THAN THEM!!!! WE KNOW THE TRUTH AND JUST DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH IT!!!!....... (insert rambling hypocritical rant about the state of the church here), but I digress.
What I want to get at in this particular diatribe is our annoying and deeply unhelpful way of throwing out an ideal as the fix for the worlds problems; saying something patently self righteous like, “those people need Jesus”, and never, even one time, even for a second put any effort into applying our cure – all to their wound. I am talking about myself as much as anyone else. This world needs Christ Like people not Christians. I am trying to learn how to become one. Jesus didn’t just preach to us about how horrible we were. He FIXED US. He gave Himself to make us better in a real and eternal way. He did something for us that we could not do ourselves. When will we take up that cross and follow him? I honestly think people have interpreted that statement, “take up your cross and follow me” as some kind of call to devotions or tithing. It is not that. It is a call to join the cause of giving your life away for the Glory of God and the love of your neighbor. The sooner we get that and obey the sooner statements like “the answer is Jesus” stop being stupid and start sounding like the truth. Then maybe people will actually listen.