I love the soul’s ache for beauty. I hear a song, or read a good book, see a movie or a piece of art and I feel my heart stir. I so desire beauty. This is my desire for God, and this is how God would meet me. It is no mistake that these things stir me. It is the echo of beauty in them that I hear. It is the imprint of the originator, the deep calling out to deep. Art is not beautiful so much as it is a cry for beauty. We need something we don’t have so we try and create it, and the things we create have an earthly beauty to them but mostly they either carry the cry for beauty or they don’t. I think often we ignore these longings or even call them evil, but we shouldn’t. The Holy Spirit speaks in such diverse and beautiful ways. Our ears should perk up at the ring of His voice and follow it with joy. I so often hear people disregard beauty because of the through whom it came. “That artist is a homosexual” or “that person is an atheist” etc. Does that mean that they don’t long for God? I rejoice to see these crying for beauty. They can only find it in Him.