have you ever stopped to think about the treasure that the Lord is. today I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Not all of the circumstances of my life are exactly the way I would like them to be. In the midst of that I was reminded very briefly that the Lord is my great reward.

God told Abraham that HE would be his great reward. The Levites were told that instead of land that God would be their eternal inheritance. David called God His portion in the land of the living. The faithful in the book of Hebrews were looking toward things and living for things that they never saw while they were alive. Paul counted all the accomplishments of his life as rubbish in comparison with the glory of KNOWING Him. All of them counted God as their reward. He was the treasure of their lives. I want this.

Today the Holy Spirit very gently lifted my heart out of being bound by the earthly rewards that I desire and have been angry with God for not giving to me. I got a glimpse of being satisfied with his beauty. I got a glimpse of counting the knowledge of God as the greatest treasure. I don’t have it yet. Not really, but it loosened the grip of self – centered materialism just that much more and a whiff of freedom made its way in.

Oh God take me all the way!