This morning in prayer the Holy Spirit redirected me once again. I am always looking for the big thing, the huge moment, the place where destiny will finally catch up with reality. The Lord talked to me about that this morning. He began to speak to me about just doing life with Him. I am of the mindset that what God wants is some huge explosive thing and that it is up to me to set the stage for the explosion. So I kind of run around mixing the “chemicals” together; waiting for the big bang. I am beginning to believe that in doing that I am wasting my time and setting myself up for failure and depression.

It is the step by step of life that is precious to the Lord. The journey together learning to love Him and learning that He loves me is what it is all about. We live in a culture that is all about impact, effectiveness, output, production, but I don’t see that pressure in the life of Jesus. He was a HORRIBLE marketer telling some of His most amazing miracle recipients not to tell anyone what He had done for them. No Jesus didn’t worry about publicity. He spent his short 33 years going about one thing: fulfilling the desires of His Father. He said over and over that He never did anything He didn’t see the Father doing. He never said anything He wasn’t told by the Father to say and so forth.

We need to learn how that works. We need to look at the quality of our fruit more deeply than the quantity. Oh God help me do that.

To act justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with our God is what the Bible says God requires from us. To simply live life in love with Jesus, how much I wish I could get that through my thick skull. First Commandment First. Second Commandment Second and because of the First.