The past few weeks have been hard - there is no real reason to go into detail, but they have been hard. There has been a real time of testing and doubting in my heart. Accusation against the Lord has haunted the back of my mind for weeks. Anger at my current situation in life. Doubt thrown at me from every side. I am glad to say that, at least for the moment, I am through that season. There is the real posibility of another season coming soon, but right now I just want to sit back and enjoy the fresh air! I write about this simply because I am not the only person I know that is going through this. In truth I know a LOT of people going through similar times of darkness and doubt. Maybe it is a bad circumstance, or the momentum of life for some it is just bordom that has set them adrift emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.I want to make a couple things extremely clear to my friends who feel are in the midst of this drift.1. IT"S OK!!! - One of the worst things about the drift at least for me is the guilt! I don't feel like I used to about things and part of me feels really guilty that I don't. I am here to tell you it is ok. God is not angry about your drift. Infact I believe that often the drift comes from Him directly! He is not afraid of losing you. He is trying to build a foundation under you that can withstand everything. He is not afraid of your doubts or your questions. He is every answer.2. This won't last forever - The other thing I hate about the drift is that I usually feel like it will never come to an end. There is no light at the end of the tunnel and despair begins to creep in. You begin to wonder and even make plans about how you are going to live your life without the stability and purpose you once had. Let me clue you in. This is a journey and life's journey has its seasons. If you have ever driven west you know that Kansas goes on for a billion miles of flat grainy nothingness, but eventually Colorado comes rolling over the horizon. To go as cliche as possible "this too shall pass".3. Don't do anything you will regret - I know life sucks. I know you are mad, and tired, bored and hurting but please don't do anything you will regret when you come out of your funk. Don't burn bridges. Don't retreat into sex, drugs, etc. Bite your lip with that guy that annoys you and live life as a mute if you must but walk careful!4. Find the things you CAN hold onto during this time and cherish them. For me in this last few weeks it has been my family and my friends that have made life livable. They were my one place of safety.I love you guys don't give up!Joshy