I am so staggered by the life and ministry of Jesus. His whole existence was a shout into the face of the world that all they are is wrong, ugly, and destructive. Gayle Erwin has been such a help to me to understand the character and nature of Jesus. He gives some key scriptures that lay out the nature of Jesus with unquestionable clarity.

Matt – 18:1-5, 15 – like a child, forgiving, gracious but not tolerating sin

20:16, 20-28 – As the last, as the least

23:1-4, 11&12 – leads by example, Servant of All

Mark – 9:33-35 – last and servant to become the greatest

10:43-45 – ‘’

Luke – 9:46-48 – Least

14:11 – Humble

22:24-27 – servant

John 13:12 – 17 – The one who is the teacher is the servant of all

Philippians 22:5-11 – Human, obedient, even to death

These are some scary things to begin to apply to ourselves. I don’t LIKE serving people! And in truth the greek word is Dulos or check this, SLAVE. OUCH! No no no not for me man! I don’t like being last in line. I don’t like being least in the group. I like to think I am humble but doesn’t that make me proud? I am such a long way from Jesus. He was 100% others centered. Period. He did what He did on earth for everyone but Himself! He was here to glorify the Father (John 17 check it out). He was here to seek and save those that were lost. He was here to preach good news to the poor, to set at liberty the captive, to bind up the broken hearted, to comfort those who grieve in Zion, to bring the oil of gladness to the mourning and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. He wasn’t here to have a good time, or make a few friends, or find a wife and family. Jesus was not here for Himself and because of that He has been exalted to the highest place! He is crowned with Glory and Honor! He has been given the name above every other name and was told by the Father to sit at His right hand until the Father had made His enemies a footstool at His feet!

Truly this is the path to victory! This is the path to joy! This is the path to reigning with Christ forever! Go LOW! SERVE ALL! GET MEEK! Wow what a world changing idea! God change my world with it!