Yesterday as a church body we stood together in the altar and dedicated ourselves and our facilities to the Lord again. As we did I was stirred by the Holy Spirit. I was stirred with a deep realization of the fact that I am no longer my own man. I've known this for a very long time of course but He brought it to me in a deeper way yesterday.

My life, my family, my marriage, my resource, my thoughts, my feelings, my days, hours minutes, years do not belong to me. They belong to my King. He is my master and my do with me as He wishes. He loves my cooperation. He rejoices when I do what He commands with joy in my heart, but that doesn't mean I have a choice about it.

So often I think of my life as mine, and the things I do for God are favors I do because I'm such a good guy. I have it so backward and wrong. I belong to Him and the things in my life that do not align with His precepts and desires for me are not OK. They are SIN and nothing less.
I was bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus. At every place I call my life my own I count his blood as worthless. This is inexcusable.
Oh God forgive me for the multiple hours waisted on nothing! The endless opportunities walked past for some flippant reason, the thousands of dollars thrown down the toilet! Truly I am full of sin and corruption. Forgive me beautiful God. Give me the grace to walk as your servant all the seconds of my life. In Jesus name.

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