Living out of Joy

The meaning of life IS worship. The meaning of life IS relationship. The meaning of life IS love. The meaning of life IS joy. Oh God give me to living out of this fountain whose head is the highest, purest and deepest reservoir there is in the universe, the very life of the life breather. You are my portion is what David proclaimed; my help! My source! How do I stray from this only breathe of oxygen available to me? How do I lose my way from the one breathing hole there is in this ice cap of sin over the frigid arctic ocean of my soul.

I was not made to deny the raging of my hearts’ desire to be passionate! I was not made to live as a sleeping man. Shut down and shut out of the world in which I live. I was MADE to burn! I was MADE to LIVE; to live the adventure of walking with God. I was created, you were created, to enjoy God. You are an enjoying machine. You were created as you are because no other being can enjoy all the aspects and realities of God to the level of the human “enjoyment machine” accept for God Himself. All the longings for love, joy, excitement, pleasure, etc that live in the human heart are longings for God. They get perverted and twisted by the sin nature and the influence of life and the enemy, but they start in the heart as desires for God. We as Christians are the only ones who have access to the one thing that all the world desires. Should we not be the MOST joyful, the MOST satisfied and happy people on the planet? Yes we SHOULD BE!!! If you spend much time with Christians you will find that they aren’t, for the most part, any happier that most of the rest of the world. Why? I will tell you why! You knew I would!

Simply, we Christians have lost the taste of God in our mouths. We have forgotten that HE is our great reward. Our highest joy. We have bought the lie that doing things for God; fulfilling religious duty or form or function is our purpose. We have decided that our checklists and attendance records are what make us right before God. We have fallen for the deception that religion and all of its trappings are the things of God. So we dive into them deeper and deeper looking for life we will never find. We end up bitter, cold, angry, empty and powerless against our sin. We are caught. The one thing that would satisfy us we no longer have, but the things the world runs after to quench that thirst are kept from us as well. We have been convinced that this is the Christian life! Falling and getting up again over and over, no power over sin, no joy and no REAL LIFE! Uh!

This is the life that I have lived! This is the life I live, most of the time. Then there are those days. Those days when the breath of God is mine again. Where I awaken to the truth that I was made for joy. The joy of knowing and loving God. That intimate experience and eternal pleasure is found in God and it is for me forever no holding back. This is why Jesus came. To give me back to that which I was made for. Himself. I am His and He is mine. This is life, this is love, this is joy…what a deal.