Truly the Spirit of God is stirring up prayer among the emerging generation. On Sunday mornings I teach a senior high Sunday school class or Youth Bible Fellowship as we refer to them. We have been working our way, very slowly, through the Song of Solomon, and God has been breathing on our times together in unusual ways. This last Sunday was one of those times. We were finishing up chapter 1 and I was about half way through the lesson when the presence of God became almost tangible in the room. I came to that realization almost with surprise because it was kind of out of nowhere that He came so close. I stopped then to wait and see what God wanted to do. I saw the faces of some of the young people change. I wasn’t the only one feeling this. Some started quietly weeping some just bowed their heads. I did the only thing I knew to do. I prayed. The sense of the Holy Spirit increased and I had trouble staying in my chair. We waited in the midst of Him and simply lingered there. I don’t know how long it lasted but He was so sweetly present none of us wanted to move. I found out later that it was right at that time when the Spirit broke in that the Lord had moved upon my friend and “personal intercessor” Eric Noga to pray. He would usually be in class but for one reason or another was unable to attend that day. Several of the students remarked to me after class how deeply God had moved on them. Then that evening we have our Senior High Guys small group otherwise known as Enclave (here is the Enclave blog. Only just started but we hope to have the guys writing things out there on a regular basis.) We have a great time just hanging out together and being guys. We always take a short time and dive into scripture and then pray together. We did so on Sunday. I shared very briefly on Matthew 25 and the parable of the ten virgins and then we bowed our heads to pray. Once again the presence of the Lord moved in powerfully. Before I knew it the room was somewhat thunderous with prayer. The Spirit of prayer had fallen on us all and we were pleading for God to move in our midst. God gave me this amazing understanding of what He could do through a group of young men like this that really believed He would do what He said he would do. I am so astonished at what God is doing. I really truly believe that God is beginning something along the lines of which we have never seen before. I cannot wait! Believe it my friends GOD IS MOVING!!!