A vision – 8/3/07

I saw the tabernacle a simple rough tent made of purple cloth. It was rectangular and at each of the corners the poles stuck up through the cloth with golden heads on each of the poles. At each corner and above it were boiling pots, the looked like the black cast iron cauldrons you would see potions being mixed in over fires etc. At each of these pots were different angels stirring the pots and making them ready. The pot closest to me and on the right side of the rectangular tent was poured out on the tent. It was full of colors and paint. It fell like confetti down into the tent, coloring the tent but also passing through the cloth into the interior of the tent. These are the colors and hues of the heart of the Father, creativity being released in to the hearts of the intercessors and worshipers who inhabit the tent. I also knew that this would draw creative people from all around. . This release of creativity would draw them near and they would come to the tent. They were being called and positioned to make a place for the Lord. Then the Spirit of the Lord said, “Did I not breathe upon the artisans and artists and enable them to release creativity through their gifts in the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness? Did I not breathe on them and let them go to make a place for my habitation!”

This pouring out of the pot did not stop it was continuous. Then I looked at the pot on the far right side of the tabernacle although for some reason I was looking at the rear of the tent not the front but to me it was the far right side of the tent. And I saw boiling water and meat in that one but I did not understand its meaning so I looked on the far left side and saw a pot filled with gold. This one began to be poured out, I could not see the angel that was pouring it out. The Spirit spoke, “Did not Moses have to tell the people to stop giving of their gold and jewels to the house of prayer when they built the tabernacle? So it shall be with you!” I then knew what the second cauldron held. It was the sacrificial giving of the people in the pot. I looked and saw a seraph with 6 wings putting in a fork and pulling out the meat from this pot. It was then poured out into the tent. The Spirit spoke, “Did not the Levites live off of the portion of the sacrifice that was given? They put the fork in and took what came out. So shall it be with you! You shall put the fork in and take out what you need from the sacrifice of the willing.”

I then saw the forth pot full of wheat. The pot on the corner on the left hand side that was closest to me. It was filled with wheat. I saw the people waiving the wheat before the Lord and it was put in the pot. I said “it is the waive offering before the Lord! The first fruits” The Spirit spoke. “This is for two things even three things. 1. It is worship; the waive offering before the Lord. 2. It is the tithe offering brought to the house of prayer to feed the poor. 3. It is the fellowship meal with the priest and in the presence of God.

This wheat will be made into the bread of His presence placed in the house of prayer forever. Hear me; in these you will find me; in the giving, the receiving and the sharing. Some you will give, some you will keep, some you will share. Then the presence of Yahweh God shall be among you; the manifest presence.

These four blessings are given to the tabernacle of David as God is raising it up again in this final hour. He has chosen this rough tent over the beauty of Solomon’s temple. He has chosen the tent of meeting over the beautiful buildings.

After I wrote this God said look at 8/3/07 so I looked at

The eighth book

the third chapter

the seventh verse this is what it says

Ruth 3:7 - When Boaz had finished eating and drinking and was in good spirits, he went over to lie down at the far end of the grain pile. Ruth approached quietly, uncovered his feet and lay down.