To Be –

The poem I have posted below, not one of my own, speaks deeply to me. Not about poetry but about my life and my heart and my faith. This morning the Lord spoke in a powerful way to me about Christianity and the state of the church. There is so much wrong with the church today, and so much right. I believe we all have good intentions. I believe we all want what we think Jesus wants. We want to be obedient, we want to serve him. We want to make accomplish all He has set before us to accomplish. There is only one problem. The Bible does not talk about how to accomplish much of anything! It really doesn’t! Read the thing. It speaks VERY LITTLE about doing. It mentions doing and that we should DO this or that but it does NOT, in the majority of cases, tell us how. The Bible is not a self help book as much as we would love it to be. It doesn’t tell us much about how to run a service. It doesn’t tell us much about how to run a church. It doesn’t tell us much about how to share the gospel. It doesn’t tell us much about DOING anything! It tells us a lot about BEING. It teaches us how to BE a church how to BE a lover of God, how to BE a good husband. I think this is the over all problem of the church in America. We have ceased to BE the people of God and become doers of God’s things. Now I know what is flashing before your minds right now. “Didn’t Jesus say not be only hearers of the Word but doers of the word?” you are thinking. Yes he did. That is what is RIGHT with the body. We are seeking to be doers of the Word and I LOVE THAT!!! The problem is that Jesus teaching as well had very little to do with DOING. I don’t think that Jesus meant we should go do do do and lose our understanding of who we ARE in Him. All of our Doing should flow forth from the fountain of that knowledge. We do this because it is WHO WE ARE. The doing is only a witness to our being, not the other way around. We don’t do what Jesus said so we can become who He wants us to become we do what he said because we ARE who He has MADE us. We are the Children of God. So my version of the poem would end like this:

“A Christian should not do but BE.”