I had said that I would be writing about the Call for a long time and really I have yet to write much since then about it so in the interest of chronicling everything I will attempt to bring everyone up to date on what has happened since then. In order to do so however I must first reveal a couple of things I did not reveal in any previous post.

1. The Sounds - The last thing we did at the call was release a new sound. I won't go into all of the details of the Word from the Lord we were responding to, but it had been prophesied that a new sound would rise up out of Nashville and be released over the nation. We reenacted Gideon's army shaking our keys to make the sound of breaking vessels and then 300 men with shofars of all shapes and sizes blew the trumpets as 70,000 people shouted to the king of Heaven. Something happened in that moment that is indescribable. There was a shift in the Spirit. Many hand drums were played and God's people lifted up shouts of triumph and celebration. Something MOVED in the Heavens. I literally felt a moving inside my chest. Not the rumble of the sound vibrations but a new page of history being turned. The Key of David was used by Christ and he opened a door no one can shut, he shut a door no one can open again. I was a witness to it. I saw it, heard it, felt it. On several separate occasions now I have heard this sound again. Yesterday July 29th I heard it resounding in our sanctuary and the Holy Spirit told me this was the sound of Heaven being released in our midst. I tell you this is ONLY the beginning! As the sound gets release in full measure we will see things we have NEVER seen.

2. The angel - In the midst of that moment when we released, "the sound" at the Call. I felt a small pinch on my arm. I turned to see who it was and if I needed to move to the side to let someone through or what they needed, but there was no one behind me. I asked the Lord what it was and He told me it was an angel. He told me to ask the angel why he was there so I asked, "why are you here?" and he said "I have been given to you" I asked for what purpose he had been given to me and he would only answer, "I have been given to you". I really didn't know what to do with this so I just went about my business for a few minutes until someone on stage began to talk about a new renaissance in the spirit. He said that angels from Heaven that had spent a million years worshiping before the throne of God have now been allowed to come to earth and equip the worshipers of this generation to release this new sound. I knew then why the angel had been given to me. Since then I have realized this wasn't the first time I had met this angel. He had been there several months ago in a Wednesday night service when he had told me, "I bring fire for Fort Wayne". God had told me he had fire for me in Nashville. Now I get it. The Bible says he makes his servants flames of fire it is speaking of angels and this one has apparently been given me as a fire for me and for Fort Wayne. The last few weeks in the house of Prayer we have seen some of what this is all about. I almost cannot do any known songs we spend the whole time in spontaneous singing and God visits in such powerful ways. (please understand that I realize that these times of visitation in worship have very little if anything to do with me. I only mention them because I believe they are the beginning of what God released at the Call.)

3. Sunday School - We have also seen some amazing things taking place in our Sunday school class. We have just begun a study in Song of Solomon. I never dreamed it would be this overwhelmingly good for ME! The class seams to be getting as wrecked as I am! Oh I hope so! Yesterday we were sharing some testimonies of what God has been doing and the Holy Spirit came in a real way and we just stopped right there and worshiped the Holy One together. There was a prophetic call given to anyone in the room that wanted to enter in to this place of releasing God's power and I believe He has released several more people into this lifestyle of running after ALL that God has. Of asking for the kisses of His mouth. I want to know the Love of Jesus in an experiential way beyond head knowledge and deep into the ocean of the true knowledge of God. That God has begun to stir in a way that will change our church and our city forever. It is beginning in THIS generation! RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Now that I have very briefly shared I want to invite ANYONE READING THIS to believe God and He will release something fresh and new in your heart. A new desire for Him. A new faith to believe that He is moving and changing EVERYTHING!!!!! FOR REAL!!!!! Ask Him now He will do it. This is not for some small special group of people this is for everyone who will hear and believe. In Jesus name and for His Glory.