Had another mind blowing session of discussion with the Holy Spirit today and He unlocked my heart in new ways again. He truly is the author of liberty!!! Every time we meet I feel more free than I did before. Today it had to do with the creative capacity of the human race. I am only on the brink of this and I am honestly hoping that writing about it will help me to unpack the download a little.
I began musing on this because I watched a program about the future of automobiles. Weird I know but it did. The particular aspect they were exploring was the future of fuel and propulsion. They were discussing the many different possibilities beyond gasoline that may power the cars of the future. By the end I was ready to jump with both feet into this amazing field of study. I have no knowledge of engineering or chemistry I am just so energized by the potential of all of these ideas! I began to think how much potential lies in the creativity of the human race. There is next to no end to what we could accomplish if we are willing to pay the price to accomplish it. To spend the time and the resource to find the way. That immediately threw me into prayer. I know I know I am weird ok let it go! I began to ask God to release the creative capacity of man. To help us to understand all that we can do if we will stop waisting time and energy on so many worthless pursuits. I kind of felt bad asking Him to do this. I mean I am not praying for the salvation of the world or the spreading of the gospel, but we need this as well don't we. I started thinking about that then. Images of the tower of Babel growing in my mind. This is what men did before with the exercise of their fertile minds. They sought to "out grow" God. We are still trying to do that.
That is when the thought came to me, "but in the Millenial Kingdom our minds will be free from this desire to be without a need for God. We will realize that all is for His glory and from His glory and we will be FREE to be creative and effective without the cloud of sin and arrogance!!!! To be truly LIKE GOD but without the pretension that we don't need Him. The reality is that Satan did not offer us something that God did not want to give us in the first place. That God WANTED us to be like Him but Satan tried to sell us a way to do this without His help. That is why it was sin. NOT because we had the desire for knowledge. God WANTED and WANTS us to grow in knowledge and experience but he wants that for us in the appropriate way. God wants us to be creative! He wants us to create! He wants us to be like Him He just wants to take us there Himself and take sus there HIS WAY!
So I don't feel bad anymore asking God to release the creative capacity of man but Lord now I ask you to do it unto the praise of you Glory!! Let Christians be the most God like people on the planet NOT because we want to exalt ourselves but so we may exalt you! The source of all we are and all we have!
Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom!!!!