Ok I am probably going to be writing about what happened July 7th 2007 for a long time but I wanted to get SOMETHING out here today. I spent Saturday from about 8:15 am through about 10:30 pm praying and worshiping with, my guess, 80,000 people at LP field in Nashville TN.

I cannot describe to you the solemnity and holiness of many of those moments. I cannot.
I am standing in awe today of all that God did for His glory by His grace on that day. I am still shaken by it.

I received several massive downloads that I will need lots of time to unpack with the help of scripture and the Holy Spirit. I will be putting as much of that out here as possible for my own chronicling of it as much as anyone else being able to read it!

The one gigantic word over the whole day for me that I prayed over and over was from Song of Solomon 8:6.

Love Stronger than Death!
We prayed about freedom from sin - love stronger than death
we prayed for the end of abortion - love stronger than death
we prayed for the revival of the American church - love stronger than death
we prayed for reconciliation between races, churches etc - love stronger than death

Father I ask you to release your LOVE into our hearts. Love for Christ which overflows into love for each other! RELEASE LOVE STRONGER THAN DEATH!!!!!
Release love oh God! Bridal love that is stronger than death! The fiery seal upon the heart!
Jealousy stronger than the grave!