There is a message just burning on my heart. Yesterday in our Sunday School class we talked about how the pleasures of God are far more powerful than the pleasures of sin. I really believe this! I know it is hard to believe sometimes but I think that is only because we have little or no real experience of the deep fountain of pleasure that is our God. The Bible speaks of thousands of pleasures at His right hand. Paul called Him the treasure before which all else was rubbish (dung). The mystics refer to Him as the one who is the true and sovereign joy, the one beyond all pleasure. We read it in Song of Solomon 1:2 that His love is more delightful than wine, and we don't believe any of it. We count the fleeting worthless happinesses of this world as more valuable than the eternal treasures Jesus encouraged us to hide in Heaven.
I believe this is the ONLY way to true Christianity. When the things of God are worth more to us than any other thing, and the knowledge of God, the personal, intimate, experiential, knowledge of God is our highest and best desire we WILL live free of sin. Period! We will have no taste for it. It will feel as worthless and indeed as destructive damaging and hideous as it truly is.
What a beautiful God He is to make His primary command to love Him. The deeper I go the more I realize that life is to be about this first commandment and not much else. When loving Jesus is our foundation, when we are truly rooted and grounded in love all else flows forth from there. The second commandment comes easy and fully, the other commandments sprout up like beautiful flowers in our garden of delights, and all this fruit is for Him.

Father teach me to first put my heart before your flame of love that I might BURN with the fire that burns in you, the love of God for God, for men, unbelievably for ME. Then will I know what it means to dwell in the righteousness peace and joy that is your kingdom.
To live life doing exactly what I want to do and all the time glorifying God and loving my neighbor, it is not just a dream - IT IS THE KINGDOM!!!!
Let it be