You know how the Bible says not to despise the day of small things. I guess that is the season I am in. God keeps giving me small, power packed words over the past few days. He does that periodically. I want to share them and also record them for myself here.
1. The Holy Spirit in particularly spoke to me, "I will be your wings and will fly you above and over all of this" - not even really sure what "all of this" was referring to but it really encouraged me and I felt lifted up. Praying about this one
2. The Father said to me, "In everything be intentional and systematic". This was speaking of a new definition of righteousness I learned which is "doing things right". The Lord was telling me that it is impossible to be righteous outside of being intentional and systematic.
3. Jesus spoke tenderly to me, "you are beautiful and I like you" I am having trouble believing this. I am having such a hard time feeling this is true. Pray for me on this one.
4. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "you are an eagle" This goes with the first word and may clarify it. An eagle is a prophet with keen vision, great authority and riding the winds of the Spirit. Yes Lord! I desire to prophesy! I believe your word!

I hope this was for more than just me!

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