God created the universe as perfect. Gen 1:31. The full alignment of all things with the perfect will of Father is the reality we call Shalom. Shalom was the reality in creation and it was good. The Kingdom of Heaven and Shalom are really one and the same.

God created man and gave him the care of Shalom. All we had to do was remain aligned with that perfect will. They did not do this. They decided they could go around God’s provision for them and improve upon His wisdom. They were wrong.

When Adam and Eve sinned Shalom was ripped asunder. Earth was no longer aligned with the Shalom of God. There was a separation, a wall, a twisting of the natural order and it was progressive. From that day until now the unraveling of Shalom has become worse and worse. The planet, the very fabric of space and time are unraveling moving further and further away from God’s original design. God allowed this so that He might display His character. He put a plan in motion for the final and total restoration of Shalom. His very own Son, the eternal image of His Glory, coequal in power and authority, would step into this unraveling world and change everything.

That was Jesus mission, the repair of Shalom. His message when He was here was, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is near!!!” He began and finished the work that would one day completely heal the earth and everyone and everything upon it. Everything He did while on the Earth was a beginning of the recreation that will culminate in the New Heavens and the New Earth. The final return of ultimate, and eternal Shalom, but until that day comes the Kingdom of God Exists just beyond the reach of mortal men. There is a very thin veil between the reality that we experience with our 5 senses and the kingdom of Heaven. One day the veil will cease to exist and the full manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven will be made manifest on the face of the earth changing everything to align with the perfect Shalom of God, but until then all we can say is that the Kingdom is near, or at hand. The difference between a Christian and an unbeliever is that our Spirits and parts of our soul have been changed and aligned with that kingdom already. The recreation has already taken place in part of who we are and is continuing to take place as we are sanctified by the Living Word of God. We are creatures inhabiting both worlds walking the line between Heaven and Earth and because of this, we can be the conduits for Heaven to break into Earth. We can be the way the Shalom of God can come to parts and places in this chaos of Earth. Only we can do this. Only through Jesus work on the Cross have we been enabled to live in this place of intercession. Standing between Heaven and Earth and pleading with God to release through us the Kingdom in manifestation.

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