Last night at youth service I was praying for some kids and became desperate for the real fire of God. It happened while I was prophesying over this young lady the Lord said, "Apply the fire" so I put my hand on her head and this is what came out of my mouth, "This fire is not comfortable. This fire is not controllable. This fire is unstoppable. It is the fire from the core of Daddy's heart. The fire in Jesus eyes." I realized as I listened to this how much I really wanted the fire of God. The real fire. Not the play stuff we toy with, but the unstoppable fire. The dangerous fire. The costly fire. I want the fire that I cannot handle or control. I want to be ruined.
A little later I was praying over someone else and asked God to ruin them for real. God said, "I have to ruin YOU before I can do this."
I went over and lay down on the floor and said, "God ruin me". I felt the presence of the Lord but almost immediately He said, "I've set a trap for you". I saw a picture of a mouse trap placed in me ready to snap on my heart. "you will stumble into it in the next few days." I felt like THAT was when I would be ruined. I am a little scared but more excited. I want to be useless. I want to be powerless. I want to be faint with love. I want the real fire. No imitations, no substitutions, only this. The Fire From Your Heart oh God.